What is a swap?
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A swap refers to the interest that is either paid or earned for a trade that is kept overnight.

This comes in the form of a fee for rolling over to the next trading day and is charged to the client's account or deducted from it at 23:59, trading platform time, according to the instrument specifications (excluding Invest.MT5 account type).

A swap can take different forms, for example in Forex - it is a currency swap, in commodities - interest rate. To find out more about the value of a swap with our Company, head to our Contract Specifications section, which features an instrument overview. In addition, you can also calculate a swap by means of our Trading calculator or using the following formulas:

SWAP = 1 point value * SWAP value in contract

SWAP (Interest rate) = Volume * Contract size * Price at the moment of charging swap * Swap rate / 100.

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