How the Currency Conversion Fee is applying?
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Trades in Stocks, ETFs, Stock CFDs and ETF CFDs that are quoted in currencies other than your account base currency is a subject to a currency conversion fee.

The fixed conversion rate of 0.3% applies to every trade made in a currency different from the account’s base currency, in addition to the value of our FX spot rate when buying or selling an asset.

The fixed 0.3% conversion rate applies to the settlement of actual profits and losses, as well as to any distributions or service charges such as commission, dividends, and overnight holding costs (if any), and is processed at the time of settlement to your single-currency account. This currency conversion fee does not apply to any margin collateral or notional transaction values.

Please follow the calculation example below to learn how the Currency Conversion Fee is applying.

If you are trading a stock that is quoted in a currency different from the currency of your account, when executing an order, your stock’s currency will be converted to the account’s currency or the other way around using our exchange rate and include 0.3% conversion fee additionally.

Your trading account is denominated in EUR and EURUSD rate is 1.22510.

You sold one USD-denominated Facebook share with applicable commission -$1 and made a profit of $10 .

In this example, we charge a commission for execution of your trade including 0.3% currency conversion fee and apply currency conversion fee to the realized profit.

The commission deducted from your account’s equity will be:

1 USD + (1*0.3%) = 1,003 USD

1,003 USD / 1,22510 = 0.81870 EUR

Realized profit will be:

10 USD – (10*0.3%) = 10 – 0,03 = 9.97 USD

9,97 USD / 1,22510 = 8.1381

The example is for illustrative purposes only.

Please check here for the costs and charges before trading.

Admirals offers the ability to utilise a wide range of account currencies regardless of your region, so you could operate your trading account in Euro, USD, CHF, or GBP denominations, as well as many more.

If you trade with an account in the same currency as your traded asset/instrument, the new currency conversion fee will not apply.

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