A dividend adjustment is the amount of funds to be credited (for Buy positions) or debited (for Sell positions) in order to account for dividend payouts on underlying assets of the stock and index CFDs. When an individual stock that is a constituent of a cash stock index goes ex-dividend, this will have a weighted effect on that cash index, known as the "index dividend" or "index impact".

We will make adjustments to those accounts with a position in an affected index if that position is open at 00:00 EET time on the day prior to the ex-dividend date of the constituent shares.

Moreover, we will credit long positions and debit short positions (by means of a cash adjustment) as follows:

  • Index dividend value x Position size (lots) x Contract size and convert it to the currency rate of the client account.

Further information on the dividend adjustment value for Stocks can be found on the official source of a particular stock.

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