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Who can be considered as PEP? Why PEP is high risk?
Who can be considered as PEP? Why PEP is high risk?
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A politically exposed person(PEP) is a natural person, who at the time of completing the agreement or in the previous 12 months has performed prominent public functions (e.g. head of state, head of government, minister, deputy minister or assistant minister, member of parliament, judge of supreme or constitutional court, member of the supervisory board of a state audit institution or central bank, ambassador, chargé d’affaires, senior officer of the Defence Forces, member of a directing, supervisory or administrative body of a state company), as well as their family members (spouse or a partner equal to a spouse, children and their spouses or partners, parents) and close associates.

We do not onboard PEPs because they generally present a higher risk for potential involvement in bribery and corruption by virtue of their position and the influence that they may hold.

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