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How to make a bank transfer deposit?
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To manage your accounts and set new payment orders, please log in to your Dashboard either via Web browser or logging into your Admirals mobile app.

To deposit in your Dashboard, please follow the steps below:

1. Select from the main menu the following option: "Transactions" and then "Deposit",


2. In the main window, the site of the payment is shown now. For a bank deposit, select the „Wire Transfer“ method. The Wire Transfer option shows you now a detailed list of bank accounts to which you can deposit your funds to,



3. Select a trading account/wallet you wish to deposit your funds. We recommend you select the currency of the account based on your chosen bank deposit currency to avoid unnecessary currency conversions, whether direct to your trading account or to your wallet.


4. Scroll through the list of Bank wire details to show bank details you can use for your payment orders through your mobile banking application or for your physical payment slip. You can even print out this list by clicking on the right-hand „print icon“ for your convenience.


In order to make a deposit in the Admirals mobile app, please follow the steps below:

  1. Select from the main menu the "Services" option.

  2. Then choose "Deposit" and a trading account / wallet you wish to deposit your funds to.

  3. Select the "Wire transfer" option for a bank transfer.

N.B.: Select the most convenient bank for your deposits. Check if necessary with your bank whether your bank charges any additional bank fees for your transfer. Take note that you can transfer funds to bank accounts in a specified currency, without incurring into additional currency exchange costs by your bank.

Third party deposits are not allowed: make sure you deposit from a bank account in your name and provide a Bank Statement for prove, this will be required at latest when a withdrawal is requested.

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