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What step is my withdrawal on?
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You can find information about statuses of your withdrawal requests in your Traders room - transactions - transactions section.


All requests are processed in the shortest possible time, but in order to understand at what stage the request is, please see the status of requests and their meanings below:

1. "Completed" status means that the request is processed successfully and the money was sent out to your account. For the estimated payment processing times, please see below:

  • Bank account - 3-5 business days

  • Credit card - up to 10 business days

  • E-wallet - 1 business day.

2. "Pending" and "Waiting for approval" statuses mean that the request is in the process and will be processed soon. Admirals processes fund withdrawals from the client’s trading account on the same business day provided the request for a withdrawal of funds has reached Admirals before 17:00. Requests for withdrawals received by Admirals after 17:00 on business days or on weekends, national and bank holidays will be processed on the next business day.

3. The status "Ready to execute" means that your withdrawal request was approved by the Compliance department and the funds will be sent to you as soon as possible. We work hard to ensure the smooth and speedy processing of client fund withdrawals. For more information on our range of available withdrawal methods, please visit our withdrawal and deposits page.

4. "Failed" statuses mean that transaction was failed. An error occurred while processing your withdrawal. Please try to make withdrawal again or contact our support.

5. "Declined" statuses is most likely to be due to the withdrawal documents you provide during the withdrawal request. Please check whether all the uploaded documents in Your Traders room fulfilled the criteria. For a detailed reason, please contact our Customer support.

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